El rincón de Gary Gygax

This will be kind of a memorial to one of the best (if not THE best) gamers of all times:

Gygax 3 (S)
Ernest Gary Gygax

In here I will post interesting and funny things I find about him, and I’ll post everything in english because I think it’s a more appropiate tribute for him.

Gygax 1 (S) Gygax 2 (S)
WotC published this when Gary died. Image from Futurama.
Gygax 4 (S) Gygax 7 (S)
Ultimate Game from xkcd webcomic. Image from UserFriendly webcomic.
Gygax 6 (S) Gygax 5 (S)
Image from Dork Tower. A Brief Tribute from The Order of the Stick webcomic.

And last but not least, I think this sums it all:

Gary Gygax Tribute
Gary Gygax Tribute
by The Kenzerco D-Team featuring “Knights of the Dinner Table” characters.

  • As a personal note, I would like to say to you Gary, wherever you are:

Thank you

Gygax Burial

El rincón de Gary Gygax

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