The vast majority of the photography and artwork featured on this site was borrowed from third parties whose work I pulled from random Google image searches. When I first began this site I was unfamiliar with the proper etiquette for citing and acknowledging the work of others (in fact I’m still not exactly sure of what all is entailed by the procedure). Also, I didn’t think to keep track of the URL’s wherein I had borrowed the original images. As a result, unfortunately I am not now able to appropriately acknowledge many of the artists whose work is featured on my site.

As time allows I will attempt to amend this situation by tracking down the original URL’s and providing citation information herein. I selected the artwork featured on this site for its excellent quality and thus I hope that the use of such work here will be understood as a compliment to the skill of the artists. However, I certainly do not wish to infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property. While I believe that most of the images featured in this site is public domain, there are probably some that are not, and I invite the viewer to contact me if they know of any images featured on this site that are protected by copyright laws. With that said, I would like to acknowledge the following artists and companies for their excellent work (even though I’m not sure which artist to thank for each image):


  • Ben Thompson
  • Black Isle Studios
  • Bioware
  • CafePress
  • Chris Seaman
  • Clyde Caldwell
  • Crystal Caste
  • David Griffith
  • Deviantart
  • D&D Doodle
  • E Palacios
  • King of the Castle Games Company
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Jason Engle
  • Jesper Ejsing
  • Jinx
  • Joe Paice
  • Justin Sweet
  • Paizo
  • Raplh Horsley
  • Raven Mimura
  • Rob Alexander
  • Todd Lockwood
  • William O’Connor
  • Wizards of the Coast


Las Crónicas del Valle del Nentir sandman